Public Health Minister Maureen Watt has today welcomed figures showing that 100 per cent of patients waiting on IVF treatment in Scotland were seen within 12 months.

Today’s figures, for the quarter ending June 2015, show further progress after the Scottish Government’s target was delivered ahead of schedule in March.

The Scottish Government has invested £12 million over three financial years to 2014/15, specifically to reduce IVF waiting times. To ensure waiting times remain at 12 months or less, a further £6 million has been allocated to IVF funding during 2015/16.

Ms Watt said: “I am delighted that Scotland is leading the way in the provision of NHS IVF treatment. The implementation and early achievement of this target was fantastic, but to reach 100 per cent is truly to be celebrated.

“Our £12 million investment has had a dramatic effect, with patients from all 14 NHS Boards starting treatment in one of the four NHS IVF centres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, within 12 months.

“The further £6 million means that we can continue to meet our waiting times targets and give patients in Scotland access to a more generous and fairer service than elsewhere in the UK."