Revelations in today's Sunday Herald that the Lib Dem's sole Scottish MEP George Lyon has been consulting with the European Parliament's allowances office over what financial support is given to MEPs leaving the Parliament has shown that the Lib Dems expect to pay the price at the coming European election.

Since entering coalition with the Tories at Westminster, the Lib Dems have helped to introduce hugely damaging policies like the Bedroom Tax which has hit 82,000 households in Scotland and a raft of welfare cuts that has seen reliance on foodbanks rocket by 400% in the last year alone.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems broken promises have steadily mounted up, as they failed to keep their word to abolish tuition fees south of the border, to oppose public funds for new nuclear energy and to prevent a like-for-like replacement of Trident.

Commenting SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said: “With broken promise after broken promise, it is clear that the Lib Dems know the writing is on the wall for their party in Scotland.

“It is the Lib Dems who made it possible for the Tories to inflict their hugely damaging austerity agenda and clearly George Lyon expects to pay the price in the coming weeks.

“People in Scotland will not be slow to forget the Lib Dems' role in introducing the Bedroom Tax or forcing thousands of people to rely on foodbanks just to survive.

“At every level of Government the Lib Dems have failed to act in Scotland's interest.

“That is something that is simply not acceptable and these elections are an important opportunity to make sure that Scotland's interests in Europe are always put first.

“Only a vote for a strong team of SNP MEPs on the 22nd of May and a Yes vote in September will let Scotland make our mark in Europe and ensure that Scotland's voice is always heard in the wider world.


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