I'm angered and frustrated by the Tory Government's decision to cynically denigrate the importance of Trade Union membership. That's why I've placed this motion in the Scottish Parliament:

"That the Parliament condemns the recent announcement by the UK Government that the forthcoming trade union bill will contain proposals for public sector workers to make their own arrangements to pay union subscriptions; believes that this is a clear example of the UK Government’s hostile approach to the trade union movement and considers this action to be a further attack on the rights of workers to be heard in a unified way; notes the comments of the STUC General Secretary, Grahame Smith, that “this latest move represents another Government attempt to poison the employer/employee relationship and flies in the face of the progress we have made in Scotland to create a positive industrial relation landscape”; believes that this action is being taken for political gain, and calls on the UK Government to reconsider what it sees as this draconian action."


Surely the rights of workers haven't gone down the pan with everything else the Tories are doing....? Make your own judgement. All I can say is that the Trade Union Movement has created decent working conditions out of what was effectively slave labour in the 19th century. Do we really want to abandon that and return to Dickensian times?


Traditionally, people have paid their TU subscriptions out of their pay before they received it. Certainly, they should have the option to refuse to do that but for the Government to say they are withdrawing that convenient and practical way of making the payment? That's not democracy; that's anti-democracy.