Scottish National Party MP Angela Crawley has addressed Parliament more since the general election 10 weeks ago, than her Labour predecessor managed in the last five years.

The MP for Lanark and Hamilton East has spoken 30 times in Westminster since May, compared to Labour MP Jimmy Hood who spoke just 27 times over the last five-year parliamentary term.

It follows criticisms of Labour for failing to oppose the Tories welfare bill and finance bill, opting to abstain instead of joining with the SNP and other progressive voices in the House of Commons to vote against the cruel proposals.

Commenting Angela Crawley MP said:

"It is my first duty as an MP to stand up for my constituents and that includes standing up for their interests in the House of Commons chamber, holding this Tory government to account and challenging the austerity agenda they are cruelly forcing on the people of Scotland.

"Labour have clearly lost their way, completely abandoning any pretence of opposing the Tories, leaving only the SNP as the real and effective opposition to this Tory government.

"The SNP seek to build a progressive alliance across the whole of the UK, and we make a genuine plea to those on the Labour benches who truly agree with us that the measures being put in place by the Tories are to the detriment of those across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

 "The Tories are determined to slash the living standards of some of the hardest working people across the UK, and are obsessed with austerity regardless of the human and economic cost. Instead of sitting on their hands, propping up this Tory government by inaction, the Labour party need to stand up for what they claim to represent.

"Along with the rest of the SNP's 56 MPs at Westminster, I will continue to stand up for my constituents and make Scotland's point of view heard by the Westminster establishment."