Commenting on reports today that Iain Duncan Smith is considering cutting the vital Employment Support Allowance for people with disabilities by £30 per week, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said: 

“People with disabilities have repeatedly been singled out for savage cuts by this callous, uncaring Tory government – and these leaked plans make clear that Iain Duncan Smith has even more cuts coming down the line.

“From the Bedroom Tax to sanctions, people with disabilities have borne the brunt of this government’s reckless, ideological commitment to austerity – and it’s time for a new approach which supports and empowers people who need help, rather than punishing them as the Tories are intent on doing.

“It’s clear that disabled people in Scotland simply can’t afford for these decisions to continue to be made by an out of touch Tory government in Westminster engaged in a relentless assault on vulnerable people – which is why all progressive forces in Scotland must back the devolution of these powers to Scotland now.”