Christina McKelvie's ongoing campaign to suport those suffering from Motor Neurone Disease - the cause of her own father's death - had a fresh experience of the limitations MND puts on people's lives this week.

Christina was participating in the Silence Speaks campaign. She said: "When I did my constituent briefing a few days back, I found myself only able to communicate with affected folk using gestures and writing notes for them.

"That's incredibly frustrating for both theose people and for me. We ought to be far more aware of the debilitating impact that MND has on quality of life as different parts of the body break down. Most of us take easy communication for granted. For these folk it has ceased to be available readily.

"Only with more research and awareness raising such as the Silence Speaks campaign can MND Scotland make real progress in the treatment - and ultimately hopefully a cure - for this cruel condition."



A spokesperson for MND Scotland said: Some 80-95 per cent of people with MND will develop a speech impairment over the course of their illness.

"We're grateful to Christina for taking part in Silence Speaks and helping to raise awareness of voice loss and our campaign into the provision of communication equipment.

"Most of us take our voices for granted and the fact that Christina found this difficult shows the devastating impact on people with MND who have permanently lost their voice."


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