Christina McKelvie MSP has been busy ‘making a connection’ to fostering.


The initiative, from The Fostering Network charity, is designed to highlight Foster Care Fortnight and awareness of fostering more generally.

Christina said: “Foster care here in Hamilton and right across Scotland is giving thousands of children the opportunity of a decent, loving home – something that sadly not every child can take for granted.

“New foster carers are needed all the time to care for a whole range of children, especially those who are older and have often been through very difficult challenges. These kids deserve every bit as good a chance as those who haven’t had to endure the same kinds of home issues.

“Becoming a foster carer is hard work but everyone I know who has either done it or is doing it says it’s fantastically fulfilling to see someone’s life turned around because they have the chance to live in an ordinary home with loving people.”

Some 750 new foster carers are required in Scotland now.