In spite of the successful three month reprieve won by Larkhall Community Councillors, public toilets in the town are set to close on 31 June.

"It's a bit rich," says Christina Mckelvie, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, "that Larkhall benefits from a train station to help boost the economy but you can't get caught short while you're there because there's nowhere to go."

There are some 20,000 people resident in Larkhall and closure of the toilets will impact on both local people and those coming in from surrounding towns. Elderly people, those with a disability and those with young children will feel uneasy about leaving their homes without access to a public toilet.

"I commend community councillor, Sheena Campbell, with the backing of Cllr Peter Craig and Westminster SNP candidate, Angela Crawley, as well as myself, in setting up a petition which now has some 3,000 signatories. I urge people to sign that petition and to work together to force South Lanarkshire Council to abandon its plans," added Ms McKelvie.

Public toilets recently closed in Strathaven have already attracted vandals.

A public meeting has been scheduled by Larkhall Community Council for 27 April at 1900 at Machanhill Primary School (Union Street building). Everyone is welcome to attend.