The SNP has welcomed the STUC plan for fair work published today – and has pledged to use the party's clout at Westminster to prioritise an end to austerity and action to protect the interests of working people in Scotland.

The Scottish Government's economic strategy published earlier this week made clear that tackling inequality will be at the heart of the government's economic strategy – and a Fair Work Convention is being established to promote the principles behind fair work.

Commenting, Christina McKelvie MSP – Convener of the SNP Parliamentary Trade Union Group – said:

"These plans from the STUC are a very welcome contribution to the election debate – making clear the urgent need for an end to austerity cuts and for real action at Westminster to protect the interests of working people in Scotland.

"The Westminster austerity agenda supported by both the Tories and Labour is hurting families and communities across Scotland – pushing 100,000 more children into poverty by 2020 and seeing reliance on foodbanks rocketing.

"The STUC are also right to highlight the danger of another Tory government further undermining employment protection and the basic rights of workers – which is why the SNP are clear that we would never help the Tories into government, and why Labour should be ashamed for working hand in glove with them in the referendum for two and a half years, and still voting with them on more austerity cuts.

"The General Election is Scotland's opportunity to hold real power at Westminster - to achieve an economic policy based on growth, fairness and jobs, and powers over employment and the minimum wage to give working people in Scotland the fair pay and protection they deserve."