Avery confirms independent Scotland would strengthen EU

The SNP has welcomed comments from European expert Graham Avery, after he confirmed that the European Union would be strengthened by Scotland’s continued membership after a Yes vote – which he describes as a “common sense” position.

Mr Avery, an honorary Director-General of the European Commission and senior adviser at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, made clear that Scotland’s continued membership will enhance the EU’s position on the international stage – and that the EU’s attitude towards Scotland would be one of “pragmatic acceptance”.

Mr Avery has also confirmed that it would be “common sense” for Scotland to maintain its EU membership from day one of independence – as advocated by the Scottish Government.

Commenting, Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Europe Committee Christina McKelvie MSP, said: “These are welcome comments from Graham Avery – a senior EU negotiator, a renowned expert on European affairs, and an expert whose views must be taken seriously.

“Mr Avery is absolutely right to point out that Scotland’s continued membership of the EU would be beneficial to both parties – with the EU seeing its role enhanced through Scotland’s position in international bodies after independence.

“A Yes vote will allow Scotland to play a constructive role at the heart of Europe – in stark contrast to an increasingly Eurosceptic Westminster risking ripping Scotland out of the EU with an in/out referendum.


The Sunday Herald story can be found here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/mobile/politics/referendum-news/top-euro-official-scotland-will-add-clout-once-in-eu.23760619