The folly of Westminster’s Euro-hostile agenda has been highlighted again today –after it emerged that any moves to pull out of the European Arrest Warrant would cost the UK £100m per year in tax evasion and increased risk of financial crime.
The figures reported in today’s Financial Times come ahead of a vote in the House of Commons on Monday in which it is expected a substantial number of Tory MPs will vote to pull out of the European Arrest Warrant – which would make it more difficult to prosecute financial crime and would come at a substantial cost to the economy.
This is just the latest example of the potential cost of Westminster’s Euro-hostile agenda – after it emerged that EU migrants have contributed £20bn to the economy over the last 10 years despite David Cameron’s plans to curb migration. 
Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:
“This is yet another example of the massive economic risks posed by the Tories’ Euro-hostile agenda – and shows why it is so wrong for Westminster to allow the political agenda to be dictated by UKIP.
“The European Arrest Warrant allows us to extradite suspected terrorists and bring white-collar criminals to justice – that a substantial number of Tories want to put this at risk just to make a political point and flex their Eurosceptic muscles is ridiculous and demonstrates exactly why Scotland needs its own voice on the European stage. 
“The European Arrest Warrant is a concrete example of how Scotland benefits from being in the EU – and highlights the very real dangers any EU exit would pose for people in Scotland.  
“That’s exactly why it’s so essential that measures are put in place to ensure that Scotland or any of the other UK nations cannot be dragged out of the EU against their will by a Westminster establishment dancing to UKIP’s tune.”