The SNP has welcomed comments from Canon Kenyon Wright - one of the architects of devolution – highlighting the positive role Scotland will play in the European Union after a Yes vote.
Canon Kenyon Wright has stated that Scotland would bring “a breath of fresh air” into the EU and would “contribute positively and with goodwill” – in stark contrast to the negativity and threats employed by David Cameron.
Canon Wright also makes clear that a Yes vote would distance Scotland from the reforms demanded by the UK Government – which he says would be “disastrous for Scotland and Europe”.
Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said: 
“Canon Kenyon Wright is respected across the political landscape in Scotland for his role in the campaign for devolution –and so his confirmation that Scotland could play a positive role in shaping the European Union after a Yes vote is very welcome.
“One of the key reasons for a Yes vote in September is that it would allow Scotland to represent itself on the European stage – rather than being represented by a Eurosceptic Westminster establishment that simply doesn’t represent our interests and is more interested in stoking up grievances than playing a serious role in European affairs.
“As Canon Kenyon Wright says, it is clear that after a Yes vote Scotland will play a positive and constructive role at the heart of Europe as a full member of the EU – rather than risking isolation and irrelevance with Westminster and the Tory in/out referendum.”