The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has launched the ‘Get It Right For Girls’ campaign, aimed at challenging misogynistic attitudes amongst children and young people.

Misogyny – a dislike for, contempt of or belief in the inferiority of women - can manifest itself in the early years of child development. If unchallenged, such attitudes can become embedded as normalised behaviour, throughout school and beyond.

The project, launched at the Glasgow Women’s Library on Wednesday 24t August, was chaired by EIS President, Margaret Smith. ‘Get It Right For Girls’ comes just as the latest Westminster Women and Equalities Select Committee reports that the gender pay gap will persist unless the Conservative Government implements significant policy changes.

Commenting on the event launch, Christina said:

“Throughout everyday life, misogyny can present itself in numerous ways - whether this is through adverts, the media or passing derogatory comments.  

“It’s critical to recognise what actually constitutes misogyny but more importantly, the need to challenge it when it rears its ugly head.

“That’s why this project, ‘Get It Right For Girls’, is crucially important. It not only allows for young people to see the real dangers of using misogynistic language and attitudes but how this can detrimentally impact upon the victim.

“Allowing sexist comments and stereotypes to become embedded as normal behaviour is a regressive step.

“While there can be no doubt Scotland has made great strides over the past few years towards gender equality within our society, we’re not quite there yet. Using ‘Get It Right For Girls’ is another crack in the glass ceiling as we move towards complete gender equality in Scotland."