Christina Equal Opportunities Committee


SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Christina McKelvie, has warmly welcomed the opening of a £200,000 fund aimed at encouraging more people with disabilities to participate in politics and stand as councillors in next year’s local council elections.

The fund – which will help cover additional costs for accessible transport and communications support – underlines the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for more people from under-represented groups.

People with disabilities are significantly under-represented as local councillors – and the fund will back up wide-ranging support to help correct this imbalance.

Christina McKelvie said:

“As convenor of the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee, I’m delighted that the Government has recognised exactly what we upon the committee are striving for – greater opportunities for all. 

“Everyone should have equal access to politics, no matter their own personal background or whether they have a disability or not – and this funding will help ensure this is the case by alleviating some of the additional costs that disabled candidates can encounter.

“It is vital that barriers are broken down to encourage people from all areas of society to get involved in politics which will help make policies more representative of society as a whole. The fund isn’t about giving anyone an advantage but rather levelling the playing field and making it fairer for everyone.

“I hope people from across South Lanarkshire will access this funding so as to help create equal access to politics for people with disabilities who wish to stand for selection in next year’s local government polls.”