This weekend will see the closure of eight more British Home Stores (BHS) throughout Scotland, resulting in hundreds of staff losing their jobs.



The BHS store in Hamilton will cease to trade on Saturday 30th July, with 40 members of staff expecting to become unemployed.

Sir Phillip Green, the former owner of BHS, was summoned before The House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Committee and the Work and Pensions Committee as part of their inquiry into the collapse of BHS. The result of their inquiry branded Mr Green the "unacceptable face of capitalism", whilst simultaneously criticising Mr Green for extracting inordinate sums of money from the store, consequently leading to its collapse.

Commenting on the collapse, Christina McKelvie MSP said:  

“The mismanagement and downright greed of individuals involved in the management of BHS has cost many thousands of people their jobs and many more seem set for reduced pensions. It makes me very angry that none of the checks and balances that could have been applied to avoid this situation in the first place actually worked.

“Hamilton is but one store that employed around 40 people in full and part-time posts. Some had been there more than 20 years and all of us regarded BHS as almost knitted into the framework of our town.

“I ensured that PACE moved in with a team to help people find alternative jobs or training opportunities and I know they are working hard to achieve this.

“However we look at it, this sad outcome is the result of greed and incompetence, not of market forces.”