SNP MSP Christina McKelvie has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament highlighting efforts to tackle and prevent human trafficking. With the UN Day Against Trafficking in Persons taking place on 30 July, she has stressed the significance of the European Arrest Warrant in tracking down culprits.

Ms McKelvie said “The Brexit vote has put the European Arrest Warrant under serious threat and we know that there are many in Westminster who want rid of it. Yet this is the very legislation that protects vulnerable people, often children, from exploitation by trafficking gangs by providing them with a legal route to freedom.

“The Scottish Government has taken a welcome lead on this issue with the passing of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill in October, showing Scotland’s commitment to ending this profoundly shocking and damaging trade in people.

 “Human trafficking knows no borders, making it more difficult for authorities to detect the crime and catch the criminals behind it – that’s why it is essential that we continue to cooperate across the EU on police and justice issues.

“The new Prime Minister must put her posturing rhetoric to one side and commit the UK to continuing to work within the parameters of the European Arrest Warrant, and to ensure that we continue to be part of a global community working together to tackle the scourge of human trafficking.

Christina McKelvie’s motion: That the Parliament notes that the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons takes place on the 30thJuly; condemns the practice of illegal trade of human beings as disgraceful and exploitative; commends Scottish Government actions in helping to tackle the issue, such as bringing forward the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill in the previous parliament; notes the importance of the European Arrest Warrant in helping to tackle the exploitative and inhumane trade in persons; calls on the UK Government to confirm its continued work with our European partners through the European Arrest Warrant to ensure that vulnerable people are protected and those responsible for human trafficking are brought to justice.

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