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Christina McKelvie, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, at last weekend'sHamilton Anti-Trident Rally.

The rally, organised by the Scrap Trident group, coincided with the House of Commons vote on the renewal of the weapons system on Monday 18th July . The vote was carried by 472 votes to 117. 

Christina said: 
“As Scotland is forced against its will to have a new set of weapons of mass destruction, we need to make our own decisions about the kind of future we want for future generations.

“The people of Hamilton and the people of Scotland do not want these bombs in our backyard. We have expressed our feelings loudly and clearly for a long time now.

“All our SNP colleagues in Westminster voted against the Bill. The only person voting in favour is Scotland's only Tory MP.

“It’s time we put ourselves into a position where we can make these decisions ourselves and not have them thrust upon us regardless of our convictions.”

Christina further added: “The claim so often made that hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on Trident seems an especially obscene one. Do we want to have people working in the arms sector making equipment that could kill millions?" In fact, according to MoD figures, the number of jobs dependent upon Faslane submarines is 520.

“George Osborne has stated that renewal would be ‘a great investment for Scotland’ to which I can only respond ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts’.

“His big present to us is more nuclear subs and the ability to become even better at committing mass murder on a global scale.”