Strong opposition to Davidson in Tory Group

The new Tory group in the Scottish Parliament has been plunged into disarray today – after revelations that Ruth Davidson’s MSPs are ‘hopelessly divided’ on the upcoming EU referendum. 

As reported in the Sunday Herald today, it is believed around ten of the new Tory parliamentary group are in favour of Brexit – meaning around one third of Ruth Davidson’s MSPs disagree with her position on the EU referendum.  

The pro-Brexit Tories who have already spoken out against Ruth Davidson’s position include Margaret Mitchell, Ross Thomson, Alexander Stewart and Graham Simpson. 

Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said: 

“This is deeply embarrassing for Ruth Davidson, showing that the Tories in Scotland remain hopelessly divided on Europe, and calling into question her authority within her own party.

“Ruth Davidson spent the entire election campaign claiming she wanted to be a strong opposition – now only days after her new MSPs were sworn in, it’s clear she’s got a strong opposition of her own to deal with within her own parliamentary group. 

“In contrast to a Tory party that is descending into absolute disarray on Europe, the SNP is clear that being part of the European family of nations is good for Scotland economically, socially and culturally – which is why we will continue to make the positive, inclusive case to remain in the EU as we approach the referendum.”