You will have seen the story, I'm sure. Councillor Jackie Burns got a spot fine for urinating in the street shortly after he'd left The Palace nightclub in Hamilton.

As I've already made clear, that's anti-social behaviour by anyone's standards. I'd like to think that our elected members, whether on councils, in the Scottish Parliament or in Westminster, are answerable to their voters. I know I strive to be so, whether or not someone voted for me.

But it seems to me rather an insult - to put it mildly - to the people of Hamilton that Councillor Jackie Burns should see fit to relieve himself on the street.


Back in April last, I told the story of how SLC wanted to close the public conveniences in Mr Burns' Ward of Larkhall. And indeed in spite of a 90 day stay of execution, those toilets have closed with Mr Burns' blessing. I wonder if he has had any second thoughts about that? If there is any positive effect from the latest offence, then the re-opening of those loos would at least be a useful one.

Mr Burns was going to stand as the Labour candidate fighting me for this constituency in May's Scottish Parliament elections. I expect to have a Labour candidate standing against me, for sure, but it clearly won't be Mr Burns who has already more than blotted his copy book with a whole string of allegations about dodgy taxi contracts awarded to relatives and a big politicial fundraiser in the Council premises.

South Lanarkshire Council does, of course, rent out its Banqueting Hall to paying guests but I look forward to seeing just what Mr Burns paid for catering and the rental of the Hall. It's normally accepted that political parties don't try to hire council premises. It's not a rule as such but it is certainly an understanding. The SNP certainly wouldn't seek to run a fundraiser at the SLC premises.

All of which leads us to a host of questions about just what is going on there. Remember back before the Referendum, SLC's windows were filled with No posters? Is that right or appropriate? Should your council, which is meant to represent everybody, take a political view like that?

i'd be very interested to hear your views.