Progressive new statutory guidelines published today will put the principles of fair work at the heart of the public sector procurement process – and the SNP has called on all parties in the Scottish Parliament to join the STUC in supporting the move. 

The statutory guidelines announced by the Keith Brown today make clear that organisations bidding for public contracts will be expected to adopt the practices of fair work. 
The move has been welcomed by General Secretary of the STUC, Grahame Smith, - who made clear that the Scottish Government has “taken the lead in driving forward” the Living Wage – and contrasted the approach north of the border with that of the UK Government engaged in “an attack on trade unions.” 

Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie - Convener of the SNP Parliamentary Trade Union Group - said:
“I am absolutely delighted to see the Scottish Government’s commitment to fair work practices – the Living Wage, an end to unnecessary zero hours contracts and a strong voice for employees in the workplace – embedded in the public procurement process.

“Workers in Scotland have the right to expect a fair working environment – and its right that employers recognise that exploitative employment practices will simply not be tolerated if they are seeking to gain public sector contracts. 
“The commitment of the SNP in government to fair work stands in stark contrast to the situation south of the border, with the UK Government engaged in a relentless attack on Trade Unions and employment rights – and this is exactly why we need full powers over employment law in Scotland’s hands, rather than in the hands of George Osborne and David Cameron. 

“That these new statutory guidelines have the backing of the STUC is a demonstration of the strength of the support for this positive, progressive move – and I hope that we can count on the backing of every party in the Scottish Parliament, as the SNP continues to protect the rights of Scotland’s workers.”