Cllr John Menzies
Ward 18 - Hamilton West and Earnock
Cllr John Menzies
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I am 45 years old, married to Linda and have 2 daughters. I have lived in Hamilton from the age of one. I’m a community psychiatric nurse and currently work as a Senior Crisis Practitioner in an NHS Crisis team in the south side of Glasgow. In this role I am fully aware of the importance of communicating, liaising and networking with external agencies to ensure best outcomes are achieved for people experiencing significant life events. I previously worked in the voluntary sector as a team leader with Lanarkshire Association For Mental Health, working closely with many local organisations and am well aware of the services and amenities the area has to offer.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends. My passions are playing chess, cycling, hill walking, kayaking, and of course politics. My neighbours may even spot me out riding on my unicycle on occasions.

Hamilton is my home and I fully intend to bring my young family up in Hamilton. We have fantastic facilities and amenities and it has everything a family needs.

I am an extremely passionate and motivated individual especially when it comes to improving the lives of individuals and communities. I have spent all of my adult life developing my skills and knowledge to support others.

I am able to listen to issues, identify and agree a plan of action and work together to resolve each problem. I never make promises I cannot keep and always respond to any requests for assistance. I always make every attempt to secure a positive outcome for the people I represent.

I am proud to serve my local community as their SNP Councillor and advocate strongly for an independent Scotland.